Sunday, March 26, 2023

What is True Revival? - Nathan Rages

Revival in the Scriptures:
1. Prayers: Psalm 80:18-19, 85:4-7, Habakkuk 3:2, Ezra 9:8-9, Isaiah 32:14-15, 64:1-8.
2. Examples:
   Under King Hezekiah (2Chron 29).
   Under King Josiah (2Chron 34).
   Nineveh’s repentance (Jonah 3:4-9).
   John the Baptist’s ministry (Mark 1:4-5).
   Pentecost (Acts 2).
   Ephesus, under Paul’s preaching (Acts 19:18-20).

Revival in History (a few examples):
   Great Awakening (1730s) in Britain and US Colonies.  
   Second Awakening (1790s-1840s) in US. 
   Third Awakening / Prayer (1850s-60s) in US and Britain. 
   Wales (1904). 
   Hebrides Islands, Scotland (~1950).
   Canada (~1970). 

“Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God” (per Jonathan Edwards)
1. Raises esteem for Jesus Christ.
2. Destroys Satan’s kingdom.
3. Increases confidence in the Scriptures.
4. Leads to greater understanding of truth.
5. Causes more love for God and people.

“Things Revival Will Bring” (per Iain Murray)
1. Revival restores faith in the Word of God.
2. Revival restores definiteness to the meaning of the word “Christian”. 
3. Revival advances the Gospel with amazing swiftness.
4. Revival always has a moral impact upon communities.
5. Revival changes understanding of the Christian ministry.
6. Revival will change the public worship of churches. 

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