Monday, February 26, 2024

Out of Egypt I Have Called My Son - Nathan Rages

[We apologize for the echo-y audio in this recording, but we believe the content is still worth posting.]

Matthew 2:13-23 contains the dramatic account of infant Jesus' escape to Egypt and safe return to Nazareth.  This message focuses on these four characters in the story: 
1. King Herod: his cruelty (v13,16) and his death (v19-20).
2. The baby boys: their murder (v16-18) and God’s sovereignty (v17).
3. Joseph: his leadership (v13,20,22) and obedience (v14,21,22-23).
4. Jesus: His protection (v15) and His humiliation (v22-23).

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Simeon and Anna Meet Their Savior - Nathan Rages

Luke 2:21-38 records an impromptu encounter between Joseph, Mary, Jesus, Simeon and Anna in the Temple.  Our teaching focuses on these five key elements in the story: 

1. God’s faithful remnant (v25,36-37).
2. Jesus’ relationship to the Law (v21-27).
3. Jesus dividing and exposing people (v34-35).
4. Two suffering women (v35,36).
5. A man ready to die (v26,29).

Sunday, February 4, 2024

Angels and Shepherds: The First Gospel Message - Richard Hamilton

Luke 2:8-20 records the angelic announcement of Jesus' birth to some shepherds outside Bethlehem.    
1. The angel's announcement (v8-12).
2. The angels' praise (v13-14).
3. The shepherds' response (v15-20).

1. For unbelievers.
2. For Christians.