Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Worship and prayer meeting format

Due to the COVID-19 virus situation, our weekly meetings have been undergoing changes.  We still worship on Sundays at 10:00am and pray on Thursdays at 7:00pm -- but we cannot all be in the same building anymore.  

Since tiny religious groups of no more than 10 people are still permissible under government guidelines, some have been meeting that way.  Others have been using video conferencing software to meet "virtually" with each other on their computers.  Others have been meeting in their homes with family members.  We can be together in spirit (1Cor 5:4) though not in the same place physically. 

Please contact us for the most current information and how you can participate in the meetings.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Biblical Thinking in a Time of Crisis - Nathan Rages

Sermon describes the big elements of Biblical truth that should inform our thinking as we anticipate the approaching COVID-19 situation or any time of crisis.

Link to play or download audio:

3/15/2020 Meeting Place Change

Because of the COVID-19 coronavirus situation, our usual meeting place is not available on Sunday March 15.  We will meet instead for worship (but no fellowship meal) at 10:00am at a home at 900 Danforth Drive in Columbia, MO. 

Monday, March 2, 2020

Heavenly Rewards Pt 2 - Nathan Rages

In the second part on our series on heavenly rewards, we spend the time considering various commonly-asked questions:
1. What's the nature of these rewards?
2. How can some Christians in heaven have more happiness or honor than others?
3. Will thoughts of future rewards lead to competitiveness, rivalry, or pride between Christians now?
4. Does the expectation of rewards undermine the Gospel of grace by causing a focus on our personal performance?
5. Does this cheapen our service to Christ by making us into "mercenaries" who're just serving Him for what we can get for ourselves in the end?
6. Does the future judgement of Christians involve a rehearsal of our sins?
7. Could this teaching be misused to give dangerous comfort to false Christians?
8. What do other Bible teachers think about these things?

Audio only: https://rgcolumbia.sermon.net/21543868

Heavenly Rewards Pt 1 - Nathan Rages

In this Sunday message, we take a look at the concept that the Lord will reward each believer at the end of the world based on the good works we do in this life, and that those rewards will enhance our enjoyment of heaven forever.

Audio only: https://rgcolumbia.sermon.net/21543864