Sunday, June 9, 2024

New Wine, New Wineskins, and the New Covenant - Richard Hamilton

In Luke 5:33-39, Jesus uses several illustrations to portray His spiritual kingdom.  Jesus is like a bridegroom at His wedding, and His Gospel is like new wine which must go into new wineskins.  His message of salvation by grace alone differed radically from Pharisaic traditions.

Monday, June 3, 2024

A Surprising Calling and Conversion - Nathan Rages

Luke 5:27-32 describes Levi (also called Matthew) the tax collector being called by Jesus and becoming a Christian.  This account provides these five important Gospel lessons:  
1. Following Jesus is the essence of the Christian life (v27).
2. God’s calling can compel a surprising response (v28).
3. Evangelists must personally interact with bad people (v29-32).
4. Jesus rejects the self-righteous (v31-32).
5. Jesus transforms repentant sinners (v32).

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Friend, Your Sins are Forgiven! - Nathan Rages

Luke 5:17-26 describes Jesus' healing of a paralyzed man, who had a problem worse than paralysis.  We focus on these five parts:
1. The problem (v18).
2. The friends (v18-20).
3. The forgiveness (v20-21).
4. The healing (v22-25).
5. The rejoicing (v25-26).

Sunday, May 19, 2024

The Leper and the Healer - James Voon

Luke 5:12-16 describes Jesus' healing of a leper which then led to undesired publicity.  This message analyzes the event in these five parts:
1. The leper.
2. The healer.
3. The command.
4. The sin.
5. The prayer.

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Catching Fish and Catching Men - Nathan Rages

Luke 5:1-11 describes Simon Peter's experience with Jesus, including first a miraculous catch of fish and then a lifetime calling to catch men.  We study the story in these seven parts, from Simon's perspective, each with a personal application question:

1. His loan (v1-3).  Are you being faithful in the little things? 
2. His skepticism (v4-5).  Do you speak honestly with God? 
3. His obedience (v5).  Do you still obey when things don’t make sense? 
4. His amazement (v6-8).  Are you often amazed at the Lord’s works?
5. His confession (v8).  Do you feel your guiltiness before the Lord?
6. His calling (v10).  Are you trying to “catch men”?
7. His commitment (v11).  Have you “left everything” to follow Jesus?

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Jesus' Authority Over Demons and Disease - Nathan Rages

Luke 4:31-44 describes one amazing day of the Lord Jesus' ministry in Capernaum.  The account highlights His complete authority over demons and disease.

1. Christ’s authority over demons (v33-37,41).
    Demons are real.
    Demons can possess people.
    Demons have accurate knowledge.
    Demons must obey Jesus.

2. Christ’s authority over disease (v38-40).
    Characteristics of His healing: 
    (1) willingness, 
    (2) speediness,  
    (3) completeness, 
    (4) variety, and 
    (5) individuality.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

The Messiah Revealed and Rejected - Nathan Rages

Luke 4:14-30 describes Jesus' return to His hometown synagogue at Nazareth.  This remarkable story can be broken down into these five parts:
1. His shocking declaration (v18-21).
2. His initial popularity (v15,22,23).
3. His controversial comparisons (v23-28).
4. His violent persecution (v28-29).
5. His sovereign power (v30).