Sunday, January 28, 2024

The King's Birthday - Nathan Rages

Luke 2:1-7 records the familiar account of Jesus' birth.  This message focuses on these six details:  
1. The historicity of the Gospel (v1-2).
2. The significance of Bethlehem (v3-4).
3. The sovereign providence of God (v1,6).
4. The obedience to civil government (v3-5).
5. The strangeness of the manger scene (v7).
6. The instructive symbolism. 

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Appreciating Joseph - Nathan Rages

Matt. 1:18-25 describes the announcement of Jesus' conception from the perspective of Joseph, Mary's underappreciated fiance:
1. His difficult dilemma (v18-19).
2. His angelic visitor (v20).
3. His royal heritage (v20).
4. His shocking revelation (v20-23).
5. His risky obedience (v20,24).
6. His unusual marriage (v24-25).
7. His valuable fatherhood (v25).

Monday, January 15, 2024

Zechariah's Song - James Voon

[NOTE: We apologize for the imperfect audio quality, but we think the excellent content is still worth posting.]

Luke 1:57-80 describes the birth of John the Baptist and the song of his father Zechariah:
1. The birth (v57-66),
2. The three covenants: Davidic, Abrahamic, and New Covenant (v67-75).
3. John as forerunner and Jesus the Sun of Righteousness (v76-80). 

Sunday, January 7, 2024

The Magnificent Magnificat - Nathan Rages

Luke 1:46-56 contains Mary's famous song, traditionally called the Magnificat.  It's a hymn of praise that reveals two things about Mary and six things about Mary's glorious God.  

About Mary:
1. Her knowledge of Scripture.
2. Her worshipful heart.

About God:
1. His salvation (v47).
2. His power (v49,51).
3. His holiness (v49).
4. His mercy (v50,54).
5. His judgment (v51,52,53).
6. His faithfulness (v50,54,55).