Sunday, May 8, 2022

Are You Motivated by a Love Relationship with Jesus? - Nathan Rages

A personal relationship of loving trust in the Lord Jesus lies at the heart of Christian experience.  This sermon explores both the positive and negative sides of this reality.

Bible examples of those doing unusually difficult, extreme things because of the motivation of love:   
1. David's Mighty Men (2Sam. 23:13-17).
2. Mary's lavish outpouring (Mark 14:3-9).
3. Paul's whole ministry (2Cor 5:14).

Problems often caused by a defective trust in or love for Christ:
1. Unsuccessfully trying to get saved.
2. Lack of assurance. 
3. Intellectual unbelief.
4. Critical spirit.
5. Bitterness about trials.
6. Boredom in devotional activities.

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