Sunday, June 30, 2024

Which Category Are You: Blessed or Woeful? - Nathan Rages

In Luke 6:20-26 Jesus declares that some people are "blessed" while others are under God's curse or "woe".  What's surprising is that these categories are completely opposite from what most people would assume:

Blessed are you:
1. Who are poor (v20).
2. Who are hungry (v21).
3. Who weep (v21).
4. Who are hated (v22).

Woe to you:
1. Who are rich (v24).
2. Who are well-fed (v25).
3. Who laugh (v25).
4. Who are popular (v26).
1. Become a Christian today.
2. Expect to suffer as a believer. 
3. Don’t compromise truth for popularity.
4. Be careful about your wealth.
5. Keep your heart in heaven. 

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