Sunday, April 21, 2024

9 Lessons from Jesus' Temptations - Nathan Rages

Luke 4:1-13 describes Jesus' wilderness temptation.  This message first describes the events and then makes a series of practical applications, following this outline:

1. The setting (v1-2).
2. The temptations
    Turning stone into bread (v3-4).
    Gaining worldly power via false worship (v5-8).
    Leaping off the Temple (v9-12).
3. The outcome (v13).

1. The same Devil also tempts us to destroy us.   
2. The Devil takes advantage of our difficult circumstances.
3. Jesus understands our temptations by personal experience.
4. We must have absolute confidence in Scripture’s authority.
5. We need to know the Bible well in order to use it effectively.
6. Beware of escaping from trials in an unrighteous way.
7. Beware of pragmatic compromises to gain worldly influence.
8. Beware of presumptuously testing God.
9. Relief from temptations comes from steadfastly resisting them.

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