Sunday, December 10, 2023

How We Got the Gospels - Nathan Rages

This message introduces a new preaching series on “The Gospel According to Luke”.  

First we briefly review four facts about Luke himself:
1. He was a ministry partner with Paul (2Tim. 4:11). 
2. He was a Gentile (Col. 4:10-11). 
3. He was a medical doctor (Col. 4:14).
4. He was a skillful writer. 

Then we explore Luke's own introduction to his book in Luke 1:1-4, using this outline: 
1. Luke’s predecessors (v1,3). 
2. Luke’s sources (v1,2, 2Pet. 1:16, 1John 1:1, 1Cor. 15:6). 
3. Luke’s process (v1,3, 2Pet. 1:21).
4. Luke’s audience (v3,4, Acts 1:1).
5. Luke’s purpose (v4, John 19:35,20:30-31, 1Cor. 15:17-19).

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