Sunday, August 13, 2023

The Wonder of Fulfilled Prophecy - Nathan Rages

According to Scriptures like Jer. 30:2-3, Isaiah 41:21-24, 44:7-8, 46:9-11, Daniel 2:27-28, Hab. 2:2-3, and John 13:19,14:29, the fulfilled prophecies of the Bible are meant to showcase the unique glory of the God and encourage the faith of believers.

One striking example of fulfilled Bible prophecy involves the great ancient city of Tyre as recorded in Ezekiel 26:1-14: 
1. King Nebuchadnezzar would lay seize to Tyre (v7-9) and break down her walls, towers and houses (v4,12).
2. Tyre’s stones and timbers would be scraped-up and thrown into the sea (v4,12,19).
3. Tyre would be made into “a bare rock” (v4).
4. Tyre would become “a place for the spreading of nets” (v5,14).
5. Tyre would be attacked by “many nations” (v3).
6. Tyre would not be re-built (v14,v21).

#1 Be confident that God will do everything that He says.
#2 Be patient until the *remaining* prophecies are fulfilled.

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