Sunday, May 7, 2023

7 Facts About False Prophets - Nathan Rages

One of the greatest difficulties for God's true prophets like Jeremiah was contending with the many *false* prophets in the land.  This situation is described in Jer. 23:9-32, from which we can easily make application to our own situation in America.    

False prophets:
1. Cause confusion about God’s Word (v9,21,28).
2. Like to give positive messages (v14,17,19-20,22, Jer. 6:14).
3. Enjoy greater popularity (Jer. 5:30-31, Isa. 30:10, 2Tim. 4:1-4).
4. Are both deceived and deceiving (v26, Jer. 14:14, 1Kgs. 22:22, Matt. 15:14, 2Tim 3:13).
5. Live sinful lives (v11,14, Jer. 6:13, Isa. 28:7, Zeph. 3:4, 1Pet. 2:1-3).
6. Destroy their followers (v1-2,16,27,32).
7. Will be punished by God (v12,15,30, Jer. 28:16-17, Jer. 29, James 3:1).

Hopefully this study will cause us to:
1. Prize the truth.
2. Learn our Bibles well.
3. Delight in the Lord Jesus as the perfect prophet and ultimate revealer of God. 

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