Monday, March 2, 2020

Heavenly Rewards Pt 2 - Nathan Rages

In the second part on our series on heavenly rewards, we spend the time considering various commonly-asked questions:
1. What's the nature of these rewards?
2. How can some Christians in heaven have more happiness or honor than others?
3. Will thoughts of future rewards lead to competitiveness, rivalry, or pride between Christians now?
4. Does the expectation of rewards undermine the Gospel of grace by causing a focus on our personal performance?
5. Does this cheapen our service to Christ by making us into "mercenaries" who're just serving Him for what we can get for ourselves in the end?
6. Does the future judgement of Christians involve a rehearsal of our sins?
7. Could this teaching be misused to give dangerous comfort to false Christians?
8. What do other Bible teachers think about these things?

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