Monday, October 10, 2016

Fall Fellowship Camp Updates

First, based on the Lord's wonderful kindness to us at the Camp in September 2016 and the extremely encouraging feedback we've received from attendees, we *are* planning to host the Camp again next year, Lord willing. We've reserved the Turkey Hill facility for Thursday, October 12 - Sunday, October 15, 2017.  We thought the later dates would reduce the risk of hot weather making sleeping uncomfortable.  We tentatively expect registration for the 2017 Camp to officially open around February 1st.  

Secondly, here's a video, prepared by Carissa Pentimone, with images from the 2016 Camp:!Au3cVAc8GTpegf4eKJNSV3UQteoDag  These are pleasant memories!

Thirdly, James Jennings has posted high quality video and audio of the six sermons given at the 2016 Camp. The entire YouTube playlist is here: Each video also has a link in its Youtube description for downloading the audio file (mp3), allowing you to transfer sermons to an electronic device, etc.

Below are links to the individual sermons:

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