Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Christian's Identity - Nathan Rages

This Sunday's sermon is about every Christian's basic identity, how we think about ourselves compared to other people.  Our identity must be in Christ alone and not in other demographic distinctions that separate groups of people.

Audio (no video): https://rgcolumbia.sermon.net/21231111

Renewing Our Minds - Zach Perkins

In this sermon we take a look at what Paul says in Romans 12:1-2 about renewing out minds.

1. The motivation/power to live holy lives
2. There is a battle going on for your mind and you must fight it
3. The battle is won through renewing your mind
4. God will show us His will for our lives as we renew our minds

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Delighting in the Trinity - Nathan Rages

We need to see the doctrine of the Trinity, not just as a mysterious theological puzzle, but as precious truth that all Christians should celebrate.

1. It's the unique foundation of Christianity.
2. It shows God has always been relational (involved in personal relationships).
3. It shows God has always overflowed with love for others.
4. It shows how the whole Godhead participates in our salvation.
5. It shows the privilege of being God's adopted children.

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Ten Ways to Ruin Your Own Church Pt 3 - Nathan Rages

In the final part of the series, we talk about four more problems that ruin church unity:
1. Uncontrolled anger
2. Jealousy
3. False doctrine
4. Walking in the flesh rather than the Spirit.

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Ten Ways to Ruin Your Own Church Pt 2 - Nathan Rages

In Part 2 of the series, Ten Ways to Ruin Your Own Church, we talk about four more problems that ruin church unity:
1. Making too much of minor differences
2. Displaying an independent spirit
3. Receiving and repeating gossip
4. Criticism and slander

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Ten Ways to Ruin Your Own Church Pt 1 - Nathan Rages

How can Christians prevent their Church from splitting and falling apart? In this sermon, we hit on the first two ways to ruin your own church:
1) Unreconciled interpersonal conflicts
2) Mishandled criticism of church leaders

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The Disciples' Breakfast with Jesus - Nathan Rages

In this sermon on John 21:1-14, we look into the beautiful story of the disciples' breakfast on the beach with Jesus. In it, we see four things:
1. A powerful proof of the resurrection
2. A warm display of hospitality
3. A multifaceted miracle
4. A symbolic encouragement for future ministry

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